Duct Cleaning Winnipeg

Why should I clean my ducts?

A valid question, you don't see the inside of your ducts so why bother, right. Wrong. Air duct cleaning is one of the easiest ways to improve the indoor air quality in your home. Recent studies have found that the air in most homes is up to 4 times dirtier than the air outside. Why? Simple, because it is a closed system, let me explain. Our climate here in Winnipeg is quite diverse, from plus 30 C in the summer to minus 30 C in the winter and our windows are closed for much of the year. What this means for your home is that the air is not getting exchanged with the fresh outside air. Hence the closed loop of air that simply runs around and around through the home and the vents and the furnace. Proper maintenance of the air system is critical to the health of not only you but the proper functioning of the system itself. Clean air ducts contribute not only to your health but help save you money by allowing your system to heat and cool as efficiently as possible. Do yourself a favour and clean your ducts and breathe a little easier.

How do you clean ducts?

We use a system called Ram Air. It uses powerful jets of air and vacuum to blast the dirt free and remove it to a hepa grade system. Most duct systems are very intricate as far as twists and turns go, which makes this method of cleaning superb. The Ram Air hose can easily get much father down the vents so that we can clean them from end to end. We remove all vents covers including cold air returns and properly clean them all. Something that sets this system apart is the fact that the homeowner is able to actually see the dirt as it is being removed. No magic duct cleaning here, you can actually see what we are removing. The Carpet Medic has many years of helping the people of Winnipeg with their duct cleaning needs. We are a reputable company and have been in business here in Winnipeg since 1988.